Halo Pods

The Halo Pod is our contemporary, prefabricated and highly adaptable module building. Its design came out of the need to produce a multi functional and versatile building at a reasonable cost.

It is based on a 12′ by 12′ floor area which can be used as a living space, workshop, or office, to name but a few.

Our solution for those needing a larger space, the Halo Pod was developed to be used individually or connected together to give a larger area. A versatile space, The Halo Pod is infinitely customisable with an internal vaulted ceiling, timber and robust 0.7mm fully galvanised corrugated steel roof (other finishes are available), fully insulated using thermally efficient sheep’s wool and wired to your specifications. It is designed to be prefabricated so that upon delivery – onto level footings and once connected to services – you’ll be ready to move in.

Externally we have used Larch, Cedar and pressure treated timber in various styles.

Bespoke features of the Halo Pod include:

  • Adaptable positioning of windows and doors
  • It can be placed directly on level ground or placed on adjustable feet according to circumstances
  • Unique glulam curved roof giving massive head height of 10′
  • The interior walls can be provided in a multitude of finishes according to differing needs. Timber-clad, dry-lined or painted are some popular options
  • Flooring options include solid wood, laminate or an industrial floor surface
  • Choice of fixtures and fittings and we run the wiring for your electrics and lighting in the cavity wall, certified by qualified electricians

Price from £9,640 +VAT

The prices for these Pods vary as they are made to your exact requirements, so we offer a bespoke price on application. Windows and doors at extra cost. Pod shown is 2 Halo Pods with extra storage space.

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Shepherds Huts

Our shepherd's huts come fully built, ready for delivery, in a range of sizes. They are fully bespoke as we want you to be able to personalise the hut and adapt it to your needs. Used as artists workshops and offices as well as overspill spaces and glamoroud bedrooms. Saunas, showers and toilets have also been fitted and it is now possible to be off-grid with compost or cassette toilets and solar panels.

Sizes start at 12′ by 7′, with the most common size being 16′ by 7′. Our largest hut to date is 24′ by 8′.

  •  We design our own cast-iron wheels to offer strength and character.
  •  The floor is built as a sandwich of materials designed to give you a thermally superior product for year-round living.  Filled with 4″ thermafleece – sheep’s wool insulation – a wholly natural product maximising heat retention and eradicating any condensation.
  •  Waterproofing is dealt with by wrapping the whole hut in moisture barrier fabric. This eradicates any possibility of damp permeating the hut.
  •  Externally we offer a range of options, including a vertical ’Yorkshire board ’ cladding (which can be left untreated or given a paint finish in a colour of your choice) and a horizontal feather board style. Native larch and Cedar are our standard choices. Alternatively you could choose the robust 0.7mm fully galvanised corrugated sheet, left as an attractive galvanised finish or plasticoated in a whole range of colours.
  •  The roof is constructed using 0.7mm galvanised corrugated sheet fixed to curved rafters, giving an extremely durable finish.
  •  We make some of the finest steps available for your hut, a traditional style built from hardwood with deep, long steps.
  •  We fit our unique Halo pattern tongue-and-groove, made to a traditional pattern and finished in a range of eco-paint colours and options.
  •  The roof is constructed of 150mm by 20mm softwood stays for a non-twisting frame, and over this again we fit our Halo pattern tongue-and-groove timber.
  • Flooring comes in a whole range of options allowing you to personalise the interior. We have fitted engineered oak, solid oak, bamboo and painted floorboards.
  •  All internal decoration is in eco-friendly paint offering a range of finishes and styles. We provide a range of colour charts so you can put your unique stamp on your hut.
  •  We will discuss with you your requirements for electrical fittings. We run all internal wiring to a small, separate consumer unit. These come fully tested and sign off with a NIC 4 certificate.
  • Heating is provided by what we believe to be the best small cast-iron stove on the market – The Hobbit – made by “Salamander Stoves”. This stove gives an impressive 4kw is DEFRA and EN approved, and is available in a whole range of colours. This is placed on a slate hearth, with a fireproof surround.


We work with you to design your perfect hut. Delivery is anywhere in the UK and Europe. We are able to advise on location, siting and all transport elements.

Price from £10,500 +VAT

The hut shown as an example is 16’ X 7’ and used as a teenagers over spill space. Includes French doors and hardwood windows. Small kitchen with Belfast sink, double bed with under storage, 4KW woodburner on slate hearth. Total price £ 18,865.00 +VAT

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We also have our own shepherd's hut available for hire. Call the workshop for more information, on 01726 893101 or email hello@halodesign.co